Investing & Crypto Links

Very interesting auto/robo investing option with ZERO fees. Whereas Titan (below) is 1%/year and Wealthfront is .25%/year (first $5K free), this has zero fees. It’s neat too that they have many different investment risk levels and options, crypto and individual stocks. They’re always doing some freebie too like $25 of free stocks… worth checking out.


This is a new one to me but I like the stablecoins paying out 4%-8+% APR. Traditional bank accounts are paying 0.1%!

They pay out a signup bonus too but the promos are always changing…


OKCoin pays out $50 in BTC after buying $100 of any asset. The DeFi/EARN options are


More traditional fund but low fees and interesting diversification options.


Wealthfront Logo
First $5K managed free… good results and inexpensive.


Old reliable… why not? Try the earn and learn which pays out for watching little videos.