What I learned from building a directory in Notion

I launched a free directory on ProductHunt today that I built for free using Notion. You can see what it looks like here: https://www.producthunt.com/posts/350-e-commerce-tools-database I wanted to share a bit of the build process since I messed up so many times in the process of building out the platform. If you ever wanted to build […]

Building a Simple Little “Cache”

I think the most fun part about programming are these little eureka moments when you build something useful, whether that’s a stunningly powerful algorithm or the simplest little hack. Here’s a quick story.

Fostering a People-First Culture

Inspired by the question from @sevensevinsix, “How do you create and foster a people-first culture?”, Here are a top 5 list of focus areas I think are important to consider.



Newsletter #1

Here are a few cool links!

🎵 Check out this great song and absurdly well-done music video, JoJi – Glimpse of Us.

🍿 Everything, Everywhere, All at Once is a fantastic movie; 10/10.

✨ Amazing video and explanation of Hubble Telescope images.

🎶 Heardle is wordle for music. Pretty fun.

🕸️ Most popular websites since 1993 visualization.

📺 We Own This City is a cool new show. Baltimore po-leece. Lots of ex-Wire cast.