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Hey, I'm Anthony

Over the past ~20 years, I’ve started and grown multiple successful businesses & helped drive over $30M+ in sales as an agency CMO @ Redstage Worldwide / Fulcrum Digital.  Currently, I’m the founder of Graystone Tech, a startup studio focusing on building SaaS, marketing and digital products. 

After 15 years of agency life, I decided to take a step back and try something new.  

This site is dedicated to sharing what I’ve learned, what I’m learning and what I’m building.  

You can follow along this journey on TwitterLinkedinBlog & Newsletter.  

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Newsletter #1

Here are a few cool links!

🎵 Check out this great song and absurdly well-done music video, JoJi – Glimpse of Us.

🍿 Everything, Everywhere, All at Once is a fantastic movie; 10/10.

✨ Amazing video and explanation of Hubble Telescope images.

🎶 Heardle is wordle for music. Pretty fun.

🕸️ Most popular websites since 1993 visualization.

📺 We Own This City is a cool new show. Baltimore po-leece. Lots of ex-Wire cast.