Making Pickled Red Onions

Do yourself a favor and make try this out. They are great on burgers, salads, or just as a snack… seriously. It takes 5 min to take a regular red onion and make it pop.

I was inspired to make them since I almost ordered Indian food from Raaz because I was jonesing for the pickled onions that come with the Chicken Kababs. Well, instead of spending a small fortune for delivery, I figured it would be better to make my own – and I already had all the ingredients… pretty much.

It’s really easy. All you need is a mason jar or two and a few ingredients.

  • Red Onion
  • Sugar
  • White Vinegar
  • Water
  • Salt

Here’s a link to a professional recipe with the proper details: Also, Ethan Chlebowski has a great video here:

As long as you get the ratios right, it should turn out well. I cut too much onion for the jar size so I winged the ratios of ingredients and it turned out great.

Oh, and when I said I had all the ingredients, “pretty much”, I didn’t have any sugar but a couple spare sugar packets from who-knows-when… still worked just fine.

South Lions Dim Sum & Tea Review

Location: 512 Washington St, Hoboken, NJ 07030

Finally… Dim Sum in town and it’s right around the corner. Quick review:

Pork Soup Dumplings

Holy cow… it’s been too long. These soup dumplings are wonderful. 8.5/10

Roast Pork Buns

These were pretty good but the ratio of bun to pork was lacking. The bun was VERY sweet, maybe just a little too sweet. The pork was good though. I’d say, 6.5/10.

Satay Chicken

Might as well call this “Salty” Chicken. I takes like it was marinated in a very salty mixture for too long. I can see how some people would like it and the underlying flavor is very good. I’m pretty sensitive to salty flavor so I didn’t love. 3.5/10.

This is a new-ish place and a nice addition. I’d definitely get the dumplings again.

Best Portable Water Bottle Cactaki 32 oz

This is the best water bottle I’ve found. When I got it a year ago, it didn’t have the motivational sayings but it’s still pretty much the same.

The strap is helpful if you’re connection to a bag, and it’s easily removable for cleaning. The insulation sleeve actually does keep the water cold for a while!

In an earlier post, I recommended the 1/2 gallon bottle which is great too but it’s not at all portable. The Cactaki will fit in most bags while still holding enough water.

I’ve tried a few different Nalgene bottle too which are good in their own right too – but they don’t have the same kind easy snap lid like the Cactaki.

Best Microfiber Cleaning Cloths & Glasses/Cleaner

Check out these microfiber cloths. They’re great for cleaning your phone screen, eye glasses, monitors, tablets, pretty much any glass.

Pair with this glass cleaner too... works extremely well and it’s a crazy low price for what last for years. I use them for my blue light blocking glasses since they get smudged all the time. Some of the reviews say you can use it on other devices and I’ve tried it on my phone screen which worked very well too.

ErGear Dual Monitor Stand Review

I’ve tried a few monitor stands and this one, the ErGear Dual Monitor Stand is the best I’ve gotten so far. I works with any screens from 17″ – 32″.

I have tried a different one at the office that’s a couple years old and was 3x the cost. While that one is OK, it doesn’t have the range or stability of the ErGear model here.

The assembly and mounting is super easy and best of all, the screens stay perfectly stationary (unless you really go out of your way to shake your desk.

You can easily pull the screens up if you want to stand or low and angled nearly any way you can imagine.

100% recommended.

Open Face Tomato Sandwich

Here’s one of my favorite, easy lunches when you’re looking for something filling and low in calories.

This is the breakdown of the calories from

I usually use Dave’s Killer Wheat Bread (toasted) but in the calorie breakdown above it was some kind of 70 calorie per slice bread. I’d recommend the Schmidt’s Old Tyme bread which is somehow only 40 calories per slice.

On top of that, add just a bit of low fat ricotta, some tomato slices, fresh basil and a side of cucumbers.

The ricotta is great with the tomato/basil and still really light – much less than fresh mutz that would usually be on a typical TBM type sandwich.

It only takes ~5 min to put together and is surprisingly good for a quick lunch. Try it out.

Waterdrop 15UB Water Filter & 1/2 Gallon Jugs

This is one of the best things I’ve bought to upgrade my apartment. It only took about an hour to install too.

I was getting tired of buying bottles of water as it obviously creates a ton of waste. I was also not drinking nearly enough water every day as that would be 5-6 bottles of water every day, and that would mean 2 cases every week. It’s not even that it’s expensive. Usually cases are on sales for $3 (no joke, only $3 for 24 bottles of Poland Spring or Aquafina). I’ve gotten 2 cases for $5 many times.

Anyway… the tap water is very, VERY chlorinated and unpleasant. With the built in filter, I don’t need to invest in disposable 1-time use bottles nor do I need to limit my hydration based on how many bottles I have left in the fridge.

I also got two of these 1/2 gallon jugs that are awesome. I always have at least 1 full in the fridge and make a point to have at least the 1/2 gallon every day. Highly recommended.