How I “hacked” Mailchimp to send a daily email.

It's impossible to send an automated daily email with Mailchimp. Until now...

It’s impossible to have Mailchimp send a daily email.

You can schedule and set up a campaign to send each day BUT that’s limited to 100 emails for any audience… and it’s rather tedious to create 100 campaigns.

I spoke with multiple support reps at Mailchimp and they each confirmed the functionality could not be achieved out-of-the-box.

In the previous post, covering ChatGPT3.5 VS ChatGPT 4.0 – Same prompt with VERY different results, I covered the API limitations which also make it impossible to send a daily email to the whole audience.

But… I for some reason, persisted and after a significant brainstorm and reading some documentation, I found the automation called, “blog updates” in MC.

It’s actual functionality is not what it seems.

The “blog updates” automation will send the campaign whenever an RSS feed is updated and you can set a schedule for how frequently to check the feed for changes.

What’s powerful about this functionality is that you can make the campaign send anything; it doesn’t have to be related to the blog feed at all.

Here’s how the “hack” is configured.

The site I built, doesn’t have an RSS feed, but that’s not hard to set up. I’m sure there are tons of ways – however I turned to WordPress since it’s what I know the best.

I quickly spun up a blank WordPress site.

Next, I used @pabblyofficial (which is like Zapier but way more free functionality), to automate creating 1 new post per day; no real content, just a placeholder to update the RSS.

If anyone wants to use the daily RSS feed, it’s open All it does is update once a day with a new post.

Now, back in Mailchimp the updated RSS feed will trigger the campaign. Mailchimp then grabs the content from the web and sends it out automatically around 6am Eastern time.

No 100 day limitation, no API issues, no tedious setup or manual sending.

…and that’s how was born.

A little project simply to get the previous night’s TV listings as an email in the morning so as not to miss any new episodes.

Feel free to sign up – there’s no fees or anything, you’ll just get an email every morning with whatever was on tv. If anyone uses it, maybe I’ll put a little more design effort into it eventually.

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